Advanced Surf Training & Video Analysis

We have trained surfers of all abilities over the years and there is one thing that always gets results – video analysis. There is nothing quite like being given an instant and objective appraisal of your ability to give your surfing the boost that it needs. Whether you are a grom (young surfer) and want to train for surfing competitions or you’ve been around for a while and just want to get more out of your surfing then we have the expertise to get you ripping.

We use award winning software (Dartfish) to compare your surfing with the pro’s and help point out any areas of technique that may need fine-tuning. Then we can develop a program for you to follow which will maximise your wave riding and allow you to reach your surfing potential.

After the session we create a page on our website where we upload your latest footage and include all the surf-tips that we have given you so that you have a resource that you can come back to and use as much as you like. We will even burn your footage onto disk as well.

Expert Surf Tuition Tailored to your Individual Needs.

This is available at £75 for the first two hours and £30 for each following hour.


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